Certifications and qualifications
enabling work to be carried out in all business and geographical sectors

NewTechResentra meets site safety and environmental requirements

The NewTechResentra skills partnership between the French and German companies brings together the certifications and qualifications required to work on all types of site in compliance with the safety and environmental standards specific to most countries for these types of operation.


MASE for working on industrial major hazard sites

The MASE baseline (Company Safety Improvement Manual) is mainly aimed at subcontractors operating on industrial major hazard sites including in particular the French petrochemical and chemical sectors. Issued by the Regional MASE Committee for your company, the approval certificate proves that the company has been audited by a qualified organisation and that the provisions put in place have been assessed as compliant.

MASE certification


TÜV, for the certification of motor vehicles

All our suction excavators are vehicles of German manufacture, TÜV certified by a qualified organisation. The certificate for each vehicle can be issued on request.


ISO 9001 confirming the existence of a compliant quality management system

The ISO 9001 standard defines a series of requirements relating to the implementation of a quality management system.

ISO 9001 certification


SCC gaz

This certificate certifies that the company has a health, safety and environment management system which has been audited and judged to be compliant by the certification organisation.

SCC certification